Permanent Lip Liner/Color

Starting at 350

The hunt is on for the perfect lipstick, one that lasts up to 24 hours or a liner that can define a younger plumper looking lip. Lip gloss that even with a kiss will last you the day. We all want it, the perfect, kissable, plump and sensual lips. Unfortunately with age, exposure to the sun.. uh hum .. not to mention our vices, the shape and thickness of our lips change over time. Through a smile, a pout, or perhaps a kiss, lips are the bearer of our emotions.   Permanent lip liner and full shade of lip color is the solution to rejuvenating your smile.




Permanent cosmetics can change or enhance your lips in many ways, including, but not limited to:


• enhancement of lip color, slight or dramatic variations available


• placing lip liner outside of natural lip line to create a fuller look, or inside to create a smaller look


• enhancing the shape of the cupids bow (middle of top lip) or even creating a bow where one hasn’t existed


• correcting uneven lips, balancing the top and bottom lip


Permanent micro pigmentation is the solution that you were looking for. Restore your lips to a natural and youthful color and enhanced shape. You can finally achieve those long lasting defined, fuller lips you desire.