I've heard that these procedures require multiple sessions. Why is that necessary?

Multiple visits are necessary for several reasons. One is due to the condition of the skin. Each skin type is different. Some skin types are thicker and healthier and more pigment will be retained in one session. Also, fine details, additional color depth, or design adjustments are easily made after the initial healing is complete. A follow-up visit is scheduled, if only to meet the healed outcome of the procedure, and agree that no further work is necessary. Heavy eyeliner will require 3-4 visits. Remember that, once your eyeliner is to your liking, it will last for several years and most likely, your lifetime! Discuss any concerns you have with your artist. Be very clear on what to expect during the process of having permanent cosmetics.

Typically it takes 2 seatings to achieve a desired result. Seatings are scheduled a minimum of four weeks apart in order to allow time for healing.

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