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Touch up done by me. When you have a shadow of your precious work left, it is hard to change the shape of your brows without having laser removal done as well. So we worked with what she had and gave her some soft hair-strokes to recreate the appearance o
Especially Permanent Makeup...
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Frequently when I draw the shape of brows prior to doing them, clients get nervous because it looks too big. The shape is a guide - the work will be done between the lines and once those lines are wiped away your brows will look soft and natural. Trusting
Happy Monday Everyone!!! #yqrbeauty #saskmicroblading #saskbeauty #reginabrows #yqrmicropigmentation #qcstudioregina #yqrbrows
The top brows are not done by me. When researching a Microblading tech look at their work. These unfortunately faded to a blue tone, we will have a touch up in about 5 weeks. After that I would recommend having a touch up annually if not sooner. Microblad
My Monday Motivation to you beautiful people #yqrbeauty #saskmicroblading #saskbeauty #reginabrows #yqrmicropigmentation #youcanbeanything #justgoforit #changeisgood #qcstudioregina
This here is a mom of 7 children, I think its safe to say that she doesn’t necessarily have the time to worry about her eyebrows every morning. These are very simple and not too dark and even though they seem light the change is something she was worrie
Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!! ♥️
I didnt take a before picture aaaaaaaaaah!!! But the detail in this set is 👌🏼! Do you like full, bold eyebrows or minimal soft and natural?
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Hi there, Carla here, your local yqr  Microblading tech. Certified and experienced in micropigmentation. I offer a service that might seem like a choice in vanity but it is so much more than that. So many women wake up every morning dreading the thought o
Pre client setup happening. It is very important to research the tech that will be performing your semi invasive Microblading procedure. Do they have certication? Do they use disposable / sanitized implements what about personal protection such as a mask
Client Selfie 😍 what a babe thank you for sharing your healed microbladed brows with me!!! #yqrbeauty #saskmicroblading #yqrmicropigmentation #yqrmicroblading #yqrbrows #qcstudioregina