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Not only grateful that it is Friday

But I am grateful for a week filled with positive change
Relationships that are being built authentically.
Grateful for the warm home we get to live in during this cold cold time.
Grateful that I got to choose the life
Yes the lighting is better and my mascara isnt visible any more. 
But I swear I am wearing a full face with foundation in the first picture and a week later after using REVERSE and a thin coat of RADIANT DEFENSE this morning. 
Real tal
When you go into this week, look at the world with kind eyes
Is the server in a bad mood (donโ€™t judge her because you donโ€™t know her story) 
Is the child bouncing off the walls? Dont judge the parents perhaps they do not have the mental capacity to kn
Here we go, my package arrived and I am overwhelmed with choice, if you know me you know that I over think, procrastinate and making choices oh boy thats a hard one for me. 
So where to begin. 
I will take my before selfie and share it with you as I go on
It is with great excitement that I announce my joining the #1 Skin Care Company in North America #rodanandfields .

I have been thinking about joining the R+F family for a few months now and could no longer resist the urge to dive in. 
Being a mom of two,
Change doesnt have to be big to make an impact. 
Sometimes we need a little help to take us a long way - mornings made easier by Microblading 
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One spot available before the holiday season and new year hits. 
Dm me to snag it and a sweet discount because its the giving season. ๐ŸŽ„

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Her first session vs her touch up

Most if not all clients come back asking for a darker color for their brows. 
Did you know that the pigment fades 30-40% during the healing process? 
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Black Friday Savings are here

Call/Text/Email to book between today and Dec 1st to take advantage of these savings. 

Details in Story

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Defined eyebrows for this lovely woman. She brought a picture of herself before her brows started falling out. I love seeing your vision and trying to recreate a look that you know you are comfortable with. 
Communication is key in getting the desired res
Sisters not twins ๐Ÿ‘ฏ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Have you practiced your right to vote yet today? We did โœ”๏ธ #qcstudioregina #canadavotes2019 #federalelection2019